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The following experiences are complimentary with a Style Service: Aveda Tea & Consultation.

Styling Services are ideal for delivering a flawless touch to a special event or evening. Our team is passionate about trends, trained extensively in the art of dynamic hair design and participate behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week. Let our RUUT Hair Stylists perfect your image with any style, from classic to contemporary. 

Our Styling Services can be reserved individually or they can be combined based on styling needs. If you are interested in Wedding Hair Design Services, please call to speak with one of our Salon Experience Specialists. 

 If additional time, or an additional service, is needed to complete a desired-look due to texture, excessive density and/or length of hair, the price of the originally reserved service is subject to alteration along with the time needed to complete the request.

>Please, review our Appointment Agreements.



SHampoo + blow dry

scalp treatment, shampoo + blow dried style



iron style

straight, waves or curls



formal iron style

formal waves or curls 



pinned style

pinned hair design



formal pinned style

formal pinned hair design







To carry out superior quality services and overall wellness, we exclusively use AVEDA  Hair Care Products and Systems - Shampoo + Condition, Prep, Style and Finishing products.

Aveda Hair Care Systems offer proven solutions for all hair care and styling needs, for every hair texture and type. From everyday wearable styles to progressive runway hairstyle trends, Aveda offers the key products to create any and  every look. 




$45+                    $65+





$20+                     $25+




$40+                     $55+ 




$45+                     $65+



   $95+                    $115+







To carry out superior quality services, we exclusively use the highest-end tools of professional hair styling - Rsession Pro Tools.  All prep, round and styling brushes are made with the highest quality ceramic, nylon and boar. RSession brushes delivery effortless control and distribute the hair's natural oils for polished, healthy shine. All electric styling tools - blow dryer and styling irons - are constructed of ceramic and tourmaline, delivering even heat distribution and infusing the hair with ions, for smoothness and high shine. 

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