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By reserving an appointment, you are agreeing to all terms of RUUT Salon’s Appointment Agreements. If you have questions regarding any of our Appointment Agreements, please contact us and we will happily assist you with any clarification.



  • All Appointments: Appointment Reservations must be reserved with a valid debit/credit card on file to ensure observance of our Appointment Agreements and Cancellation/No Show Fee. This information is securely stored in our booking software and will only be processed in the event of a Cancellation or No Show Fee being due.  At the time of service checkout, you may choose your preferred form of payment - using the credit card on file or an alternate form of payment. Accepted forms of payment include cash, apple pay, and all major credit cards. 

  • Extended Color Services & Color Corrections: All reservations of Extended Color Services and/or Corrective Color Services are subject to a Service Deposit at the discretion of RUUT Salon and the Artist. 


All prices listed on our website or mentioned by our Salon Experience Coordinator are base prices. Definitive service total can only be determined by your Artist at the time of Consultation/Service. All prices shown on our website or discussed during scheduling may be subject to additional incremental charges ($10-$25/ea.) depending on many variables involved in the scope of work and texture/type/density/length of hair. For an accurate quote or to establish a service total, please speak directly with your Artist during your Consultation/Service. 



We provide two digital forms of Appointment Notifications and Confirmation: text and email. *You must opt in to the text notifications on your phone to receive them.* Email notifications will automatically be sent when a valid email is provided. 

Text/Email Notifications:

  • when an appointment is scheduled 

  • confirmation 3 days prior to your appointment (with push notifications to confirm or cancel)

  • appointment reminder 1 day prior to your appointment

If we do not receive a Confirmation Response from you, we will follow up with a Confirmation Call 48+ hours prior to your reserved appointment. 

Text and email notifications will include a link to review our Appointment Agreements. 



The Services that you request at the time of booking are reserved especially for you with one of our professionals. If you discover that the appointment time no longer accommodates your schedule or if you need to make any adjustments to your scheduled appointment, please courteously contact RUUT Salon 24+ hours prior to your appointment time to allow our Salon and the Stylist to accommodate another guest at that time. 

  • Cancellation Fee: In the event that a reserved appointment is cancelled/rescheduled within less than 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time, we reserve the right to charge a Cancellation Fee of $25 per scheduled Service that is cancelled. The Fee will be charged to the card on file. If a valid debit/credit card is not on file, payment of the Cancellation Fee must be made and a valid credit card must be updated to the client file in order to reserve any future appointment/service.

  • No Show Fee: In the event that a reserved Service is not attended, without prior notification/cancellation, we reserve the right to charge a No Show Fee of 50% of the scheduled Service Total to the credit card on file. If a valid debit/credit card is not on file, payment of the No Show Fee must be made and a valid credit card must be updated to the client file in order to reserve any future appointment/service.


The services that you request at the time of booking are reserved especially for you with one of our professionals. Punctuality is appreciated and vital to ensure that your Artist may accommodate all of your needs, as well as promptly accommodate the needs of other guests with reserved appointments. 

  • Guest Tardiness: If you discover that you will be late for your scheduled Service, we kindly request that you call 15+ minutes prior to your appointment time. In the event that you will be 15+ minutes late for your reserved Service(s), we cannot ensure that your entire service will be honored, or we may suggest that you reschedule your appointment. If the entire service cannot still be accommodated due to tardiness, the service will not be reduced in price. If the tardiness results in the appointment needing to be rescheduled, Cancellation Fee(s) will apply. 

  • Stylist Tardiness: In the event that your Artist is running 15+ minutes late, we will provide a courtesy call 15+ minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. All of your scheduled Services will still be honored. 



In the event that there is a salon closure or Artist absence due to inclement weather, we will notify you by phone or email to discuss changes to your scheduled appointment if it should be affected. 



We commit to providing you with an overall look that is customized and tailored to best suit you and your lifestyle. If you feel less than satisfied with the service you received, we value not only your feedback, but also the opportunity to revise it. If you feel there was a miscommunication during the original consultation, or if you feel that there is technical inaccuracy, we invite you back within 14 days of the original service for a Complimentary Revision.



RUUT Salon and Aveda guarantee all purchased products. All Aveda Hair/Skin/Body/Air Care Product returns and exchanges will be granted for any product(s) that are more than 50% full. 



We provide each of our guests with a freshly laundered smock at the time of arrival. This provides each of our guests with the opportunity to change out of his/her personal top/garment to avoid damage to personal clothing. All shirts that have a high collar or a high/bulky neckline will need to be removed to correctly perform services. RUUT Salon is not responsible for any damage to your personal property/garments during service.

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