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CUSTOM color


The following experiences are complimentary with a Color Service: AVEDA Comforting Tea, Consultation, AVEDA Scalp Balancing Treatment & Massage, Hair Cleansing + Conditioning, and a Blow-dried Finishing Style.   


To carry out superior quality services and overall wellness, we exclusively use AVEDA Hair Color and Hair Care Products. As the first beauty company to manufacture products with 100% certified wind power, AVEDA has created Hair Color with an environmental and social conscience. Derived with a signature blend of organic and protective plant oils, it uses gentle and sustainable water as it's solvent instead of alcohol, and is formulated without nitro dyes, parabyns or animal-derived ingredients. 

AVEDA Full Spectrum Protective Permanent Hair Color

  • fade-resistant formulas that are up to 96% naturally derived

  • essentially damage-free results with a signature blend of protective plant oils - sunflower, caster and jojoba 

  • ability to lift up to four shades and deposit deeply for full grey coverage

  • infinite customizable results in any shade and tone desired. 

AVEDA Full Spectrum Deposit Only Hair Color

  • gentle, ammonia-free demi-permanent hair color, which is up to 99% naturally derived

  • improves the condition of damaged hair

  • lasts up to 8 weeks, gradually fading in tone

  • gloss your hair for richer tone and shine

  • blend grey hair for those seeking a natural, more diffused result

AVEDA Enlightener Blonding 

  • delivers ultimate lift

  • signature blend of protective plant oils create healthier, shiner hair - sunflower, castor and jojoba 

  • botanical additives create a signature pure-fume™ aroma of rose, lemon, peppermint and other pure flower and plant essences


Our RUUT Salon Artists are trained extensively in advanced AVEDA Color formulation, as well as the dynamic and artful approach of dimensional color placement and technique. The ultimate goal of RUUT Artists is to customize ideal results for you, based on the shape of your haircut, your lifestyle and your inspirations. Each color formula and placement of dimension is crafted individually for each guest by their Artist. 

All of our Artists are required to maintain, refine and evolve their professional skills through continued education. The value of each Artist's services are determined by progression of experience, knowledge and obtained goals. As our Artists continue to excel, the value of their services will coincide. 

Base Color:  Single Process Color applied root-end or at the roots only

Dimension:  Highlighting and/or Lowlighting to create dimension and enhance details of face shape and haircut (Techniques include Traditional Foiling, Balayage, Foiliage, Baby Lights, and Micro-Foil)

Base Color & Dimension:  Single Process Color combined with Highlights/Lowlights

Grey Blending:  Single Non-Permanent Process applied root-end to create soft, translucent results that gradually fade

Shadow Root:  Single Process Non-Permanent Toning at the roots only to create a deeper, diffused shadow at the roots

Toner:  Single Process Non-Permanent Toning to enhance or correct overall tone, shade, reflection and shine

If additional time/color/product is needed to complete a Color Service due to texture, excessive density, length of hair, or scope of work, the base prices are subject to additional incremental charges. 


>Please, review our Appointment Agreements.   

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