Our mission at RUUT is to provide an elite salon experience, specializing in the dynamic approach of precision hair color, cutting and design artistry.  Using only the best naturally derived botanical hair color and hair care products, we are integrating the foundations and raising overall standards of style and wellness. We honor our guests and the world in which we live - from root to tip.




We believe in the dynamic approach of precision hair color, cutting and design artistry, developing styles that are tailored to each guest's physique, lifestyle and desired results. We believe in the wellness of our guests, our team, and the world in which we live.  To better serve this purpose, and the purpose of creating preeminent style and beauty, we exclusively use AVEDA Hair Color and Hair Care products.

We believe in a more progressive practice of service. Through advanced technology, we practice paperless business methods to lessen the size of our environmental footprint and to add convenience to the experience of all guests and RUUT Team Members.

We believe in the focus of transformation and growth. We continue to better ourselves, and one another, to grow successfully to our full potential as a united team. We believe in endless education and continue to seek knowledge from countless avenues, as well as provide education to all. Together, we create a motivating environment for each other and our guests by placing value in the experience of every individual.  



We will honor one another and our guests by always embodying the RUUT Mission on a daily basis. 

We will honor our commitment to nature by only performing our artistic craft and daily activities with environmentally conscious standards and products.

We will honor our artistic commitment to excellence by being open to growth and improvement, and by performing at 100% when practicing our craft.

We will honor the wellness of our guests by committing to transforming and maintaining the integrity of their hair and scalp, through our service, artistic craft, and professional recommendations. 

We will honor the overall wellness of our guests and our fellow RUUT Team Members by committing to conducting ourselves, and all of our engagements with others, with respect, honesty, and integrity. We commit to motivating all individuals in our presence to reach his or her personal and professional goals.

We will honor the wellness of ourselves by committing to a daily practice of balance, open mindedness and honesty.