RUUT Fix Color Kit

RUUT Fix Color Kit: The RUUT Fix Color Kit will include the following items.



  • your custom base colornormally used by your RUUT Stylist 
  • 2 containersfor you to mix together
  • partial root color/top half of headthe amount of color provided will be enough for you to color the roots of the top and sides of your head, as well as your hairline



  • 1 small color brush – for easier root application 
  • 1 set of color gloves – to protect hands from staining
  • wood stirrer – for mixing your color


3.   INSTRUCTIONS: The Instructions Link will be emailed to you after your color kit purchase. *We ask that everyone reads through all instructions and watches both instructional videos prior to Curbside Pickup.*

  • Online Instructions
  • Instructional PREP Video 
  • Instructional APPLICATION Video



Curbside Pick Up Time: TBD  


Color Application Time:  For optimal results, color must be mixed and immediately applied within 1 hour of pick up. 


RUUT Fix Color Kit

  • By purchasing RUUT Fix Color Kit from RUUT Salon, you are agreeing to follow the Color Application and Processing Instructions provided by RUUT Salon. You are agreeing to use this RUUT Fix Color Kit as directed, and at your own risk, and will not hold RUUT Salon liable for any damages or undesired results. RUUT Fix Color Kit is a nonrefundable purchase.