RUUT Salon Guidelines

Last Updated: August 20, 2020


Upon scheduling an appointment, be sure to review our Appointment Agreements

The Ga State Board of Cosmetology, as well as OSHA and the CDC, have provided guidelines and requirements which we have implemented into our salon operations. We have made several business modifications, and will continue to do so, to remain in compliance with these guidelines. Please, take time to thoroughly review all of our new Appointment Guidelines. 



As our Stylists cannot functionally practice social distancing during your service, this Health Screening is imperative and prudent to maintain the health of our team, their families, and our other salon guests. If any of the following apply to you at the time of your Appointment Confirmation, we are not permitted to service you during this time and will need to reschedule for a future date:

  •  If you currently have or have had a fever within 24 hours   

  •  If you currently have any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (review CDC’s list of COVID-19 Symptoms)

  •  If you are presently under Home Isolation due to testing positive for COVID-19

  •  If you are presently under Home Quarantine due to potential exposure of COVID-19

  • If you are living with anyone who is currently sick, exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or is presently under Home Isolation due to testing positive for COVID-19


During this second phase of reopening, due to our limited team, we will be accepting inbound calls during specific hours. As always, if you have questions or need assistance regarding your scheduled appointment, we invite you to email and list your preferred call back number. 


RUUT Phone Hours:

Tuesday   9am – 4pm 

Wednesday   9am – 4pm  

Thursday   9am – 4pm 

Friday  9am – 4pm 

Saturday  8:30am – 5pm


Due to the requirement of Stylists needing to have physical contact with all guests, to maintain the safety of our guests and our team, all guests must wear a face mask while in the salon. Please arrive for your appointment in a mask that secures around the ears - not a mask that wraps around the back of the head. 


Throughout our second phase of reopening, we will continue to operate by appointment only. If you wish to make a retail purchase and do not currently have an appointment, we invite you to contact us and we will set up a curbside pickup at your convenience! 



Guests with a scheduled appointment are the only guests permitted to enter the salon. We will not permit any additional guests to accompany you to your appointment. 


As our reception area seating is presently closed and we are required to maintain a certain distance between guests, we ask that you remain outside at the front door of the salon until your appointment time. Your Stylist or our Salon Experience Coordinator will greet you in this outdoor area to welcome you in and seat you for your visit.  


During this phase, we will continue to operate with a designated seating arrangement to ensure social distancing of at least 6ft between all guests present at the salon. Your Stylist or our Salon Experience Specialist will greet you outside and lead you to your seat. 


During this time, we will not be serving Aveda Comforting Tea, Coffee or Water. To maintain the proper use of face masks while in the salon, we are prohibiting the consumption of food and/or beverage by guests in the salon, at this time. 


During this time, all payments for product and services will need to be made by credit or debit card. Additionally, we now offer a chair-side self checkout process, which you may complete from your phone. You are welcome to leave your Stylist gratuity in cash (we can provide an envelope).


We are presently still operating with team limitations. 

  • We will have one Salon Experience Specialist in the salon during limited hours. 

  • Your Stylist or our Salon Experience Specialist will greet you outside for your appointment.

  • Your Stylist or our Salon Experience Specialist will oversee your check-out and pre-booking process. 


During this second phase of reopening, we will only be providing a limited service menu. 

  • Color Services: We will be offering our full Color Service Menu. 

  • Haircut Services: We will be offering our Men’s and Women’s Haircut services. Guests under the age of 18 years old must be able to come in for services alone (without a parent), respectfully comply with all guidelines, and properly maintain wearing a mask during their service. 

  • Bang Trims: Due to the complications of sanitizing and maintaining scheduling ease, we will only be offering Bang Trims with Color Services.

  • Conditioning Treatments: We will be offering Conditioning Treatments with Haircut and Color Services. 

  • Styling Services: As of June 15, 2020, we have resumed all Blowdrying and Styling services. 


During this phase, RUUT Team Members will be following State Board Guidelines and will each be wearing a face mask and a protective smock or apron while in the salon. RUUT Team Members will wear disposable gloves when needed and will be using proper hand washing techniques between services. 


After each guest’s service, all service areas and implements will be disinfected prior to the next guest being greeted and seated for their service. Our sanitization process will include disinfecting all service areas that each guests has come in contact with, before and after each guest. Restrooms will be sanitized frequently throughout the day. All cutting capes, guest smocks and towels will be laundered between each use. We will be disinfecting with the disinfectants and sanitizers listed by the CDC and the State Board of Cosmetology. 


We will have Antibacterial Hand Soap at every sink. Additionally, we have Hand Sanitizer throughout our service areas and at our Front Desk for Team Members and Guests to use at all times. 


In our attempt to successfully communicate and provide a safe environment for all salon guests and our team, we are requesting that each guest submit acknowledgement to our new COVID-19 Appointment Guidelines, in addition to an Appointment Confirmation, prior to receiving an appointment. Please, complete the Acknowledgement Form below. 

RUUT Salon Guidelines Last Updated: August 20, 2020

Guest Acknowledgement: New COVID-19 RUUT Appointment Guidelines

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