RUUT Fix Color Kit Instructions    

            Step 1: PREP            

  •  CLOTHING  - Wear something with shorter sleeves that is easy to slip off. Choose clothing that you are comfortable with potentially getting stained.

  •  GLOVES  - Wear your rubber color gloves during Prep, Application and Removal to protect your hands from staining. Keep an extra rag nearby to wipe your hands throughout the coloring process.

  •  PREP VIDEO  - Watch our RUUT Fix Color Kit Prep Video to be fully prepared for your root touch up application. Put video in full screen mode for better visual aid.

     Step 2: APPLICATION     

  •  TIMELINESS  - You must begin your color Prep and Application within one hour of pickup. You must apply your color within 15-20 minutes of mixing it for the best grey coverage results. 

  •  COLOR QUANTITY  - The amount of color you will have will be enough to cover all roots (new growth) up to 1 inch, on the top half of your head. If you have left over color, once your application is complete, you can reapply the remaining color over your colored sections to ensure full saturation and even coverage.

  •  PROCESSING TIME  - For best results, let your color process for 45 minutes after your color application is complete. Your color formula will gradually become a darker shade throughout the application and processing time. Do not be alarmed - this is a normal part of the oxidative process. 

  •  APPLICATION VIDEO Watch our RUUT Fix Color Kit Application Video to be fully prepared for your root touch up application. Put video in full screen mode for better visual aid.

        Step 3: REMOVAL        

  •  SHAMPOO  - After your color has processed for the full 45 minutes, it is time to remove it. It is important to remove all the color from your scalp. Get into the shower, with your shower head on high pressure, and lean your head fully back into the stream, as if you are removing shampoo from your hair. Keep your eyes closed during the rinsing process. Massage your fingers firmly into the scalp to remove the color from the roots. Do this for 2-3 minutes until you feel most of the color is gone from the roots and scalp. Apply shampoo to your roots and scalp, as normal, and massage throughout the roots and scalp diligently for 2-3 minutes. Remember to shampoo the front hairline and behind your ears well, also. Rinse the shampoo from your hair thoroughly, massaging your fingers into the scalp again. Repeat this shampoo step a second time to be sure all of the color is completely removed from your roots, scalp and hair. Finally, apply conditioner to your hair, as normal, and rinse when completed. 

  •  COLOR STAINS  - If you are using darker color, and you do have color stains around the front hairline, use a wash cloth with soap and water to remove the stains while in the shower. If you used a barrier cream, as shown in the Prep Video, you should not have much staining to the skin.


  •  QUESTIONS  - If you have any questions, email us!